How Do I Know if My House has Termites?

How Do I Know if My House has Termites?

Most of people would probably say that they don’t know what a termite really looks like. They only have an idea because people keep comparing them to ants, which is a more visible insect that we know what it exactly looks like. Termites, on the other hand, are quite shy, as they are mostly found in the dark. What we only know most about them is the trails that they leave behind and the crumbling piece of wood in your basement.

As opposed to common notion, termites do not actually eat wood. They destroy it. The purpose is to dig up as much cellulose as they can from the wood, as cellulose is highly present in it. The enzymes in termites’ saliva is capable of breaking down cellulose.

They pose as a huge problem to homeowners with houses that are basically wood-framed and have an outdoor area that invites them to flourish. Trees, plants, and a lush backyard of greenery is an inviting environment for them. Your house made of wood all the more adds to that appeal, as it gives them a wider surface to destroy.

How to Tell If Your House has Termites?

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Signs that could tell you that your house is already under a termite invasion are the termite tubes. These may be commonly found running through the exterior wall of a house. They may also be seen in the interiors, like drywall, baseboards, or even the carpeted areas.

Termites are also capable of creating huge nests that look like large mounds of soil near areas made of wood. Seeing them around the vicinity are telltale signs, and that could tell you how extreme the case could be.

Minor damages from the mud tubes may be simply addressed by sweeping with a brush. You may opt to use water with a mild detergent if the wood is protected. If you can’t have it soaked in water then just brush them off. When small tunnels have already been created on the drywall, touch ups with paint may do. However, when it gets quite overwhelming that it’s not just a tiny tunnel or a speck, this is where repairs come in.

Better to do the repairs as early as possible instead of waiting for an entire block of wood to practically crumble down. Bear in mind that the damage that you can see on the outside may just be a fraction of the story. You don’t know what’s going on in the insides. The damage within could be extensive, so at the earliest signs of obvious damage, you have to take action.

Repairs can even reach the thousand range if the problem is left untreated or you always prefer to address the situation yourself. If the problem persist, have it checked by Economite Exterminators team, as termite expert could better address the underlying situation – their colonies underneath your soil.

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